Official Pre-Release Film Poster  (Alternate Version)
For the first teaser poster, a passage from children's fairy tale, The Ugly Duckling is the primary focus of the design, as it fades to black. In this context, the story takes on a dark undertone; not unlike the film, where the main character, William has an affinity with the story, as he follows the same plight as the ugly duckling. As a teaser poster, the viewers' interest would be piqued by the seemingly randomness of the text, and while they would not grasp the significance of the story just yet, they would undoubtfully feel the morose tone of the passage, and the film.
Teaser Poster #1
For the second teaser poster, the client wanted to generate curiosity and a 'buzz' surrounding the film using a simple symbol. In the promotional stages of the film, the child-like drawing of a duck would be abstruse, but upon viewing the film, it's climactic meaning would be revealed.
Teaser Poster #2
Logo Gradient Version
Logo on Black Background
Logo on White Background
The logo design uses the typeface Antiqva, wtih sharp serifs that lend to the morose undertone of the film. The tracking of the letterforms also contribute to this sense of melancholy, and create an unavoidable feeling of discomfort with the extremely tightly spaced letters in 'William's'. Like the film, the logo starts out on an intense and dramatic note, before slowly drifting apart into darkness after the climax.
Facebook Cover Image No.1
Facebook Cover Image No.2
Cover Image No.3
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